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2010-08-14 - 10:14 a.m.

I was out waiting at the bus stop by 10.00am and so I reached Heathrow in time for the 10.30am bus to Oxford. I phoned ahead from the bus and I met Paul at the ParknRide. We drove off to Brill just as the weather was worsening. We lunched in one of the 2 village pubs. I finished off Fear of Music - it ends with a plea for the musical avant garde to stick to its guns esp now that electronica has invaded all domains.

Thursday night I started on a piece using a some hiphop beats from the SMS DVD - a bit of delay made the groove sound quite authentic. I added some quartals on marimba and a fairly sparse slap bass in MIDI leaning a little towards atonality - I need to explore where I can get to with selective deletions on the WAV groove. I have also discovered how to load mp3s into SMS which immediately opens the prospect of developing one of the Stories.

I wondered whether I could wake the bear from Brill - he played a few favourites before hitting his stride with Hhancock's Little One followed by Circle which I think is from Miles Smiles. I now think that the comparison of HH's Little One with the ESP one shows how MD is indeed ahead.
Lover You Should Have Come Over is some people's favourite track. The bear played SS7 which is getting to be one of his favourites and then an Aquanote remix.

A good bottle of red from my sis with supper.

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