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2010-08-15 - 8:09 p.m.

I didnt sleep that well on Friday night - strange dreams about music education. The bear was up early with a nice bright track - Strings of Life by Derek May and then the acoustic mix of TT singing Driving which never fails. Also OOh Baby Baby from the last studio album. On Friday evening we listened to the Rob Young webcast on EE - which included a Spriguns track - much heavier than I had imagined with more serious lyrical content. The bear has picked up Azure Ray from somewhere or other - interestingly minimal. Also Beth Orton.

We went into Thame for lunch and ended up at the Thatch. The car was parked outside the main bookshop which had EE prominently displayed in the window. Some supermarket shopping for the coming party. Back with the bear it was Joanna Newsom's book of right-on which has picked up 220 shouts.

Saturday night was a much better night's rest. Dr Z is in Warsaw. Sunday morning Dick Jones mailed about EE etc - he is back from family hols in the West Country. Gilbert is back from Marseilles. Various activities in preparation for the pond and pier party. I made Pimms for the first time ever.

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