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2010-08-11 - 8:53 a.m.

The bear started with SS7 followed by DG's Tristano - excellent - and then a track off Unhalfbricking - perhaps B has been reading the blog? Amazon are offering 4 1950s Barney Kessel LPs in a double CD set for 4 - an offer I may not want to refuse. The Jobim-like gtr piece continues to evolve - today it seems shorter than it did yesterday. Only about 35 pages left in EE. The sections where he discusses the people who seem influenced by the tradition are bound to be weaker - RY lingers on K Bush and D Sylvian rather than discussing the evolution of traditional music since 1980 or looking at the new genres of folk.

Mandalay continue to appeal. I wondered whether it's a mistake not to own Grace and Danger. It's hard not to see EE as just petering out at the end. There's no counterpoint to the peak years of the early 70s. I had my briefing on the risk management database and new service - it looked very impressive. News emails every morning too. Dopplereffekt and their manikin abuse. - Zyklus are related but different I mailed Gilbert about the adventures in SMS even though I know he isnt home - in case I forget by the end of the week.

There was a wild blog item which started with Godel's Theorem esp as interpreted by Hofstadter here


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