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2010-08-12 - 6:02 a.m.

I have finished Electric Eden. I picked up Fear of Music again - and thought how good it is. If only it was longer. Paul B phoned about going to Brill on Friday.

I started a piece in SMS realising that I could execute the full 6 note quartal chords in Rinzler's book rather than the compromised versions I have been playing on guitar. I started with a relatively common chord sequence rendered in 6 note quartals and found that it sounded pleasantly unfamiliar. I introduced a brass loop which I had made several months ago from part of Frank Sinatra's version of That Old Devil Moon. It turned out to be in Bb and I inadvertently extended it using the paint facility.

I also realised that I had created many different versions of the first piece I made in SMS - more than I remembered. I know I have sent one version to Gilbert with some Dhorn on it. Some pruning is needed but working out which version to keep will be a puzzle. I have had an email exchange with Miditech on how to make the Pianobox work but have yet to follow up their suggestion.

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