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2010-05-16 - 9:30 a.m.

The Dick Jones RocknRoll Years is progressing well – see


Bear started with Marina and the Diamonds. There was some final communication with Peter Chatteton about file conversion and the like before he disappeared to Latvia. Then the bear came up with some early Eric Dolphy on bass clarinet – also Slutfire followed by Weekend Players and Pharoah Sanders. I mailed Dick Gilbert’s interpretation of Fifths.

Badiou’s Being and Event arrived – it is the best part of a terrifying 500 pages – all for less than £10. This will take some digesting. Normally I find it best to approach these things via a commentary but I suppose I have already read the commentary one and a half times through. This means I should try the real meat next. I listened through to Aquanote which began to grow on me.

After lunch I moved across to EBTG Radio which played A Piece of My Mind - something I hadnt heard from them before and had trouble tracking down – it seems to be an addition to a compilation. Meanwhile I sampled the author’s intro to B&E which kicks off with gusto on the nature of truth.

Too soon the radio gave up on me. I tried Later on the BBC website having missed TT on Friday night but it wouldn’t stream properly either so I went back to Morton Feldman’s Music for Film which starts very quietly and is rather beautiful.

I looked at the contents of B&E wondering where to start – maybe with the third section? This starts with nature and poetry, which was a surprise.Towards the end it veres off sharply into the fundamentals of mathematics which is quite alarming, I thought I could follow most of what was said about Heidegger which surprised me because I don’t know Heidi that well and have misplaced my crib. In one of the blogs someone said recently that understanding a philosopher isn’t really a matter of following an argument.

Just as I was coming up for air I switched over to the i-player, just in time for TT who played the piano and sang the first song from the new album. She sang with great strength with a string 4tet – in fact I thought it was a triumph. The audience seemed impressed too. See for yourself.

I dipped back into B&E at the end of the next meditation where a radical conclusion about nature suddently appeared – again apparently from the mathematical foundations. The last 30 pages of B&E are taken up with a dictionary which gives a helpful definition of all the key terms. I have a decision to make whether to press on with the Deleuze commentary? This is a serious question.

I put on a Wyndham Hill piano sampler from 1985. This label existed in the 80s but doesn’t do new releases now. It’s a strange mix of artists – some LMY tuning freaks, some jazzers and some others. WH music seems to be a bit like an exploration of some hints in Joni Mitchell’s piano playing on songs between 1970 and 1974. Does it need some words? About two thirds through I switched to the complete Hhancock Blue Note sessions – disc 4 which includes Maiden Voyage. I could say something bitchy but imagine you get the point anyway. The chords are here


It makes the changes look easy.

Funny that Fay Weldon chose a Grateful Dead track for as a desert island disc. Maybe she has a Deadhead sticker on her Audi? What could rhyme with that?

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