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2010-05-15 - 9:56 a.m.

I woke up feeling rather fuzzy headed and I wasnít able to shake the feeling off Ė maybe its something to do with pollen. Just as well I did a lot on Mexico yesterday.

I have discovered that James is making a scholarly contribution to Warfare and Organised Violence as part of his reseach work. Communications with the bear were erratic and so I put The River on. I am crazy about the first half of this album. I like the obtuse way Wayne Shorter does the fills Ė I could easily take that on board. Not everyone likes Tina Turnerís approach but I think her edge adds a lot to Edith and the Kingpin which is probably not a very nice story.

The Aquanote CD arrived which I bought for next to nothing. Itís a solo producer in California who comes out of jazz funk Ė without an article on Wikipedia surprisingly. He gets his various friends in to play and sing on the album and the little CD book provides all the lyrics. Its quite funky Ė more so than I was expecting. Within this area of exploration I think my current favourites are the Weekend Players Ė for the general good spirits that they pack into their music. Itís a pity there isnít a second album. I found an interview with Andy Cato.

Peter Chattertonís CD arrived Ė it transpires that itís a DVD containing WAV files for all of 10SS&4 5ths, Serious Music and Plundafonix. I played through the 10SS which sounded less weird than I was expecting. I tried to mail one as aWAV to Dick Ė and got a failure message. Eventually I realised that I have Switch Sound Converter on the laptop and it does the job speedily. Dick mailed back promptly and so I sent two more of the 10SS. Tomorrow Iíll send Gilbertís take on Fifths.

I found a site which has 60 sounds from the Yamaha TG55. Overall I rather liked them. I began to wonder how I could best make use of one. It seems to be from a design thatís about 20 years old Ė probably a little before the AWE32 which I currently feel so warm towards.

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