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2010-04-24 - 10:44 a.m.

Ch2 and Ch3 of Gillespie – too much Spinoza in the former but I enjoyed the latter. I am not expecting Ch4 to be as exciting. OOO messages are all about a gathering in Atlanta Georgia. Also listened to Programmed by the Innerzone Orchestra again – there’s well over an hour’s worth of music and a lot of improvisation. I have a DVD of a programme about Island Records to watch.

Very little communication – just an e-m about Siemens who are setting up a wind turbine plant here and are looking for local suppliers – something that has been long predicted. I stayed up too late watching a silly film about some American kids running a record shop. I ought to be getting back to Whitesell on Miss Mitchell. Reading him has made me realise how much I like some of the songs on Ladies of the Canyon – an album I used to regard as a bit soppy and nowhere near as good as its successor, For the Roses.

Amazon have been insisting I rate the suppliers – which makes sense when it’s a matter of a book arriving on time in good condition – but when its minijack to phono stereo lead. Actually the lead makes a great improvement to my listening pleasure .

I discovered that Wayne Shorter’s biographer has also written a book about Miss Mitchell’s Blue Period. Wayne Shorter is regarded as the greatest living jazz composer – which should be a good reason for getting a set of lead sheets. 10 of his tunes with play along CD are available for £6.25 plus pp. Tempting – I could even be tempted to play along on Dhorn perhaps or maybe guitar to get round the harmonies. Apparently the CD has both removed harmony part and removed lead instrument. There's a free transcription at


This is a very generous site with loads of jazz goodies.

Should I be sheepish about Buffalo Springfield charting so high with me on LFM?

My TT obsession led to the Unbending Trees which could be a bit of a find.

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