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2010-04-25 - 9:48 a.m.

Jindabyne was on TV last night. It was the third time I had seen some of it. I think I might have seen it before once in a cinema, perhaps at the Warwick Arts Centre and once perhaps off a DVD. Its won lots of awards but it is an uncomfortable film to watch partly because the acting is so credible. Despite that it seemed to go past very rapidly. After that I watched the end of the Aristocrats.

I went to Surrey yesterday lunch time and stayed for about seven hours. On the way there I read Andrew’s book about ITCOTCK and on the way back I read a book about Wittgenstein that I found in a cupboard which I had quite forgotten about. I had the impression that I hadn’t read it before. I mailed Laurence to see if he had recommended to me. I found a 20 page review of the main thesis of the book which I fwded to him.

I also picked up Laura Nyro’s Live From a Mountain Stage – 10 tracks recorded live in November 1990 for a radio programme. She plays a keyboard which I think must be a kind of synth making the sound of a nylon string guitar. The live recordings that I have been listening to lately on LFM have had a richer sound – some backing singers and maybe one or two other musicians. The total length of this CD is around 30 minutes. The Loom’s Desire from 1993 has a lot more on it and I think I have a copy of that somewhere or other. LFAMS does have her singing that line about her wanting Coltrane in the moon. As one of the reviewers commented about this performance – it sounds like she’s sitting in the room singing to you and the power of it in that elemental mix shows just how incredible she was. Another reviewer mentions that when he saw her perform in the early 90s in Santa Monica Miss Mitchell was in the audience. In fact having heard it once through I went straight online and ordered Live in Japan from the US – its only £3.40 including P&P – and I know I have never owned it. The customer reviewer of LIJ puts it as follows - don't just sit there reading this, order a copy now and enjoy this brief visit to a vocal paradise. An argument that I found completely incontrovertible. Then I listened to LFAMS all the way through again. In fact I could have listened to it all night.

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