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2005-09-29 - 12:39 p.m.

A sudden sense of having let control of time slip - of having got to a point where things urgently have to be completed. I have in fact completed the paper for Fridayís regional cluster meeting - I tried it out on Keith and he seems to think it packs a punch. I also wrote a six page background paper for the Learning Grid yesterday - but the next task is to derive a detailed questionnaire for some forthcoming events which will be todayís task. I donít think we can collect facts without having the right framework within which to deploy our observations.

The region is having a reasonable crack at knowledge management and it makes me realise both how important and how difficult that task is. We are using the Regional Observatory as the host - they have sophisticated indexing software.

In fact the sense of important difficult tasks adds to the sense of things not being in control - indeed thatís what the regional cluster paper says: we have serious symptoms but we still donít fully understand them - because we donít have enough up-to-date data. The next step is to get better data from some of the partners - and one of the hard bits about KM is getting enough trust to get the release of data.

On the Learning Grid, there is a remarkable consensus between the European level - the stuff I picked up in Brussels - the detailed investigation - the consensus covers what needs to be done in terms of skills and globalisation. But the data we need to collect from the LG activities has to illuminate some of the obstacles - particularly in terms of attitudes and perceptions that exist in the minds of 11-14 year olds.

Meanwhile I have put together 4 Plath vids this month - partly driven by the acquisition of the Electric Elf and partly by having started to play the flute again - and partly as a result of the stimulus of going to see Gilbert and his family. Colussus, Poppies in November, Event - these are some of the poems interfered with.

Discussions with Robin on art and identity and with Paul W on related themes with particular reference to B Dylan.

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