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2005-09-26 - 11:09 p.m.

I took my Danelectro guitar in for a service - and to my surprise I found that there was a new Danelectro on the wall - a revision of the model that I have which is pretty closely based on the 50s original. I had to try it. This one has a three way switch for the two pick-ups, metal rotary tone and volume and the two lipstick pick-ups which have been revised a little. The bridge is more sophisticated - unlike the original which is the least sophisticated bridge imagineable - just a piece of rose-wood. On the basis of a 5 minute play I would say that have retained a lot of the charm of the earlier models - especially the ring and sustain.

I drove down to Marlow to meet Mrs C and we went for a meal in a bar-restaurant on the High St - good food but not that cheap - the place was definitely popular and one could see why. I delivered the Art Nouveaux material - plus 3 Raymond Briggs books plus two photographic studies - all for Vitaís current projects. Apparently Vita has not been feeling so good - its unlike her to be under the weather. She says she hasnít been to the doctor for about five years. We walked down to the churchyard by the River Thames and looked across the water to the Complete Angler lit up opposite.

Exchanges with Robin and Andrew about the poet Ann Sexton and also the Powell and Pressburger movie The Red Shoes. Apparently this film deliberately asked hard questions about commitment to the creative life. Having won the war there were questions in peopleís minds as to what - if you had survived - life might be for and so the film wanted to take the question to some sort of limit. This was all news to me - although later writers on creativity have used some of the filmís imagery in their work.

Monday - management meeting - our new orientation on the evolving landscape was discussed. Then lunch at the garden centre and off to the Regional Development Agency to discuss different elements of more chargeable time. Looks promising.

Waiting for Gordo - good joke.

Dylan part 1 - the thing that astonishes me is how all that stuff doesnít just sound as good as I remember - it sounds several times better. How did he manage that?

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