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2005-03-30 - 12:17 a.m.

Very excited just this minute at an e-m from a classical pianist who did a recital for KK and BST a few years back saying he wants to do another. This is exactly how the MfHV brand is meant to work. KK is having its best month on page requests since last May.

I went back to Gfd for Easter and briefly saw James before he went off to Henley to watch his girl friend row in the fem Oxford/Camb boat race. Of course in my young day we preferred to take lots of drugs and talk blox about song-writing at this time of year rather than link up to any traditional passtimes. Anyway the Cambs women won - an achievement all the more piquant on account of the heroic loss yesterday in the main race.

Gfd was surprisingly fecund on the music literature front. Brilliant edition of Jazzwise with articles about Miles final year and his painting and also one on the impact of Laura Nyro’s First Songs on younger UK songstress . Picked up a copy of Poetry Review with Andrew Duncan on conceptual art plus reviews of P Muldoon (gtr Princeton) and J Ashberry (Definition of Blue). Plus I got a copy of a serious work from Cardiff U - David Boucher - Dylan and Cohen/poets of rock and roll. Rounded this off with a copy of the Dylan autobio - Chronicles Vol 1. The latter has an amazing passage on Pirate Jenny - see In My Life and the Doors first album. I can do Weil - I have an excellent bio plus collection of Lotte Lenya readings. Major step forward.

Mrs C videoed the ROH televised productions of The Ring. Vita worked on a zillion projects - graffitti as a source for graphics (for which I have provided additional material from FOPP), plant imagery in textiles and photography, a major work for her fine art exam etc etc.

Robin provided invaluable feedback of the Cambs-Poets splurge. I mailed Laurence on phenomenology.
Mark mailed about Les Cousins progress.

Managed to fit in a walk round the Loseley Estate on Saturday. Went to church on Sunday morning and reminded the vicar that he had missed Pascal out of his sermon.

Did some work on ACE and on the DVD that Stefan wants to send Simon at the DfES.

New baby for colleague at work generating great excitement.

Talked to Keith about sad loss of Crowded House drummer.

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