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2005-03-25 - 10:53 p.m.

Strange Days as usual.

Mrs C is at the Opera House this evening for Madame Butterfly. James is in Swansea with his classicist friend who is into ND. Great rainbow over the Forest of Arden this evening on the way home. I am in two pints into Travelogue esp the Oliver Nelson bits - in the light of a fair amount of e-traffic with Paul W on the nature of the beast.

Business is turning up - maybe something with the Ford-Warwick U project. Some more on the future of motor-racing just after Easter. Stefan suggests we pitch at the DfES in the light of the ETP evaluation published by IES Sussex yesterday. We have a nice vid - and they are asking for it.

I pushed ahead with the ACE project - working up the results of the questionnaire. I will look at hard copy over the weekend.

Robin has said she will look at the poets.

In The Fold (le pli). Deleuze suggests that these days objects tend to become events. The key features of reality are modulations and transitions - not the intervening stationary episodes. He contrasts this with the standardized world of stamped objects - a manufacturing metaphor. Fluctuation of the norm replaces the permanence of the law. In modulation there is systematic parameterized variation . DL is particularly dawn to such variation when it is continuous - like a camera pan. Somewhere in the theory is the suggestion that cinema progresses from a movement-image to a time-image.

I donít feel up to time-image yet but the movement image of penetrating space engages me a lot. The oeuvres officially are - Kylie Aesthetics - an introduction for the general viewer, Rib curve (distorted place to be) and Two Faces.

The primary dimension is depth and so portamento is important - also string bending, bottleneck. Then there is continuous envelope variation esp with harmomics - as was possible on the Cz101 and featured in Fifths and parts of NYC0303.

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