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2005-02-19 - 10:58 p.m.

I have got some homework this weekend - it comes about through a discussion with Steve on Komplex Knowledge - or as I call it Tsoukas 2005. Steve and I knocked out an operationalization of the main thesis - which he then went and applied to generate some raw data - which I have back here in the cell to process up to a bit of structure. Within PDCA its down to me to do the C and A - which is just as well as I am crap at D. I showed Steve the letter from Chris K which he sent approx 10 years and I explained the background in terms of the liftshaft stuff with Laurence. That this letter has persisted at all is down to John G in whose construct personal time capsule it has been preserved.

Somehow in the midst of all this I pushed forward on Nick Drake and the Cambridge Poets - A Transatlantic Agenda - not least by bouncing ideas around with Andrew K arising from his new PM Annex. I have sent this off to various people to see what they make of it.

I also started another image trajectory - this time I starting with pure vision and from there I will bring in sound - rather than vice versa. This one is around the curve of the rib. Finished off the tandoori bacon with ginger etc. I am currently quite attached to what is called now 3 Early Videos - they will play off the CD in a sequence which is probably the best way to see them. I actually like the tracks a lot not least the one with Karen.

There are two ideas in the raw data which I especially like - one is time compression - the other is the resort to narrative. If you buy into Habermas and there are really are 2 worlds - the Life World and the System World, then its really interesting when narrative appears at the margin as a necessity - the means of ‘going on’ - as seen by the engineers who are virtuosos of the systems world.

I sent Laurence a copy of the Piot Speech at the LSE which is about AIDS Orphans - you’ll find it on todays date on KK News under the Highveld button at the top of the page which is next to the Race Against Time button (RAT).

I have started recording directly off web broadcasting stations in Wavelab - more as a way of generating material. Also within Wavelab 4 is a tone generator with quite a few parameters which can be used to make fifths - some of the plug-ins are good for harmonic intensification.

I managed to get rid of a task which has been clogging up my desk. The task is good - its about the angle of attack on Japanese vocational education which fortunately no one knows very much about. Koji is going at Easter to start the process of brokering and I was asked to suggest how he might approach the topic. I have found some ideas - you have to distinguish between the classic post WW2 period when the lifelong career was more common and the more turbulent period since the end of the 80s. One important point about the new times was the Japanese realisation that if the rest of the world is going to study them then they need to study themselves in new ways to stay ahead of the game.

There is some interesting maneuvering going on just now. If the election in May then the point beyond which the constitution (ha ha) forbids major Government announcements is about three weeks away. Government changes gear radically and shifts to care and maintenance by officials who are meant to compose themselves such that they could support any incoming govt - Lab, Con , Hung (hung well hung not so well) - with equal loyalty dispassion effectiveness etc. That means if someone is trying to get something to happen then they are boxed into a corner. Those who want to play it long are in a much better position. I had a quick chat with Belinda to map a bit more of the ground against that intention.

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