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2004-07-03 - 7:09 a.m.

Mails from Andrew K , Paul W and Larry – the latter on Jackson Browne , Graham Nash and Dave Crosby who live in his locality. I am a long time fan of D C both as a songwriter and autobiographer.

I decided to take the Norah Jones version of Day is Done to MD as several people seem to have problems getting the stream to work - it is a live performance and could be compared with the Elton John cover . While I was at it I put on the same disc something involving Graham Bond alto and John Maclaughlin at Klooks Kleek in 1963 and also a White Hart jam fifteen years later. Wondering about a jamming section on KK Making Music.

Germany has joined the five or six countries to have made over 2000 requests to the KK site. Currently Italy is no 3 behind Netherlands and the Uk in site usage. A couple of other countries are about to cross the 2000 ceiling. In fact starting at the 2000 point, the ranking goes Germany, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, USeducational, Netherlands , UK.

I spoke to K M Beefheart J and decided maybe I should go to events in the West Mids on Monday and Sunday.

Found music report from LmY newslist

“We were at a Rave,close to Dali`s Port Lligat house, and all of a sudden coming from the speakers we heard , La Monte Young´s Drift Study, with a 8x8 pulsation ground, mixed with Cage´s Fontana Mix, and the people were dancing it.

It happened today at 5.am.”

I listened to the live performance of Britten’s Death in Venice on R3 this evening . Yet again I found his music compelling – you don’t have to concentrate line by line on the libretto to get the sense or indeed the profundity. I have always said I prefer Tippet to Britten but maybe that isn’t true any more.

The interval talk was about various literary figures in Venice – Henry James, Ruskin etc. Their reactions to their surroundings were so self regarding that one couldn’t help wondering whether the city promoted an enclosed art for arts sake mentality or at least reinforced it. Looking at Piero della Francesca on C5 yesterday you could see how very much in the world the early Renaissance vision was. It was in Venice that Titian helped the High Renaisaance take off – literally with his Assumption of the Virgin. PW suggested that we explore the notion of ND as a virginal image.

I have been working on a clawhammer version of Lulu’s Back in Town on the Tele.

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