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2004-07-04 - 5:48 a.m.

Vita back from Newquay looking wasted.

I found myself working on JCF’s Kimby.

http://www.algonet.se/~iguana/DRAKE/pawnpoems.html I wrote to Paul about the poems under this URL – what that sensibility became in the 70s – some parallels with Revelations occurred to me a couple of days ago.

Then I saw that there was quite a big piece of P Ackroyd in the Guardian which accuses him of being under the influence of JHP and so I dug out his “Diversions of Purley”. Paul sometimes refers back to this suburb. I should explain that PA is in the same thin mag as the URL poems above.

I chose “love falls” which goes

Love falls

as brightness

moving from each to each

“sleep forever”

the boy said

who had no job

and no chance of getting one

turning on the stair

each with his own grace

one had too much passion

one had a nice face

you can see things

in whatever order

you want

and then, forgetting

the snow drifts

over my feet

a complete light

leaving me afraid

I will not turn back

along empty ways.

I had been thinking about the snow in Christmas Card for Salley – James has a photo of such snow from Clare bridge – and stone me here it is yet again – three hours later – leading into a Time Has Told Me conclusion – except in THTM its in the middle. The Christmas Card on algonet is longer than the one in Press When Illuminated.

The stair turning is in Ash Wednesday – PA wrote the (unauthorised) biography of TSE sometime in the 80s where he points out that after Ash Wednesday Eliot wrote nothing much for five years.

Eliot is in a mood clearly – on the death of Lawrence he writes to E M Forster asking EMF to justify word by word his suggestion that DHL was the greatest imaginative novelist of their generation. EMF says that while TSE may have entangled him in a net he would rather be a fly than a spider. Anyway Forster looks right from this distance – and he met ND – RM anyone?

In PA’s view “In Ash Wednesday, a language of order and belief is being used to stabilise and insistent sense of loss and emptiness. “

Which reminds me what a stunning piece it is: “Rose of fogetfulness/exhausted and life giving …..Where all loves end/Terminated torment/Of love unsatisfied/The greater torment/Of love satisfied.”

Mannequin like. Now that we’ve found love what are we gonna do with it? As they say in Philadelphia. In fact this is a similar place to that kindness-kicking piece.

As I drove James to a party I heard “Why can’t we live together” – another Philly moment– that Hammond syncopated riff and the bongos – as fresh as a daisy.

Must ask Larry what he makes of the Pretender. Didn’t realise that Brando breathed life into the line about a contender. Is that “Love could have been a contender/as out into the evening goes the pretender.”

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