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2004-03-23 - 10:17 a.m.

The Coventry material seems to have gone down quite well so far.

The portable is in intensive care and there is a question over whether its contents will ever see the light of day again.

This would be a disaster except that there is a raft of material elsewhere - on Minidiscs, on the old crude PC with the nice AWE32 card in old Cubasis files, and on CDs. In particular I have the CDs which I used to do Blink Music Beyond Belief which will be the next step once I get in a position to burn CDs again.

There is a copy of the Lullabyes CD with Peter Chatterton and various copies of 10 short stories are scattered around.

I am suddenly very deeply involved in performance technology thanks to my impulsive acquisition of a DJB 2 Yamaha box. Its a step beyond the Yamaha beat machine that I got second hand in Tokyo a while back but the integration of beats and MIDI instrunments is similar.

I can see that my Yamaha power amp is a natural fit and I saw some nice cheap 50 watt speakers on Saturday that would be the natural complement.

The interesting bit is the MIDI control of all this power.

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