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2004-03-22 - 10:02 a.m.

I have handed my portable over to Jackie for a seeing to. It has got my diary on it - so who knows what this week is going to be like. I started it by reaching an accommodation with the Inland Revenue which suited me.

I have borrowed a PC in the office - but it hasnt got Outlook or Word but I can get through to my aol account so I am not completely bereft.

. I have started to use my Yamaha WR5 - another Dhorn. I got this one for a good price in Frankfurt a while back. But it has never supplanted the Casio Dh500 which has better all round ergonomics.

The WX5 has more sophistication as a Midi control device - but thats only relevant in certain situations and until now I didn't feel the need.

The new Yamaha device has changed that and I have the WX5 plugged into the back of it. Its key advantage is that it offer channel control and the NYD is very picky - on some channels it only offers a piano while on others there are some 200 patches. So the WX5 is coming into its own at last. At the moment I am just jamming to grooves and loops.

I saw Annie last night and got some feedback on the Blink episode - which I have been thinking about a lot. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't completely out on a limb on it. So far so good.

The next step should perhaps be to make a CD of the music used and send it to the Blink artists.

Music for the Highveld is having a good March - it should be well up on February and maybe 25% up on March 2003. This always cheers me up and motivates me to keep the News pages up to date - the most visited pages after Derek's pictures - the page which pull in a lot of search engine leads - although the Musicians page is having a bit of a spurt at the moment.

This latter page is particularly designed to appeal to the archivist fraternity - its about 10% behind the News page at the moment. The number of audio plays is over 1600 - just under one play for every ten sessions.

The newish Music Making page has had 200 visits of which 160 have gone onto the Dhorn page. Within MM, the new Spaceward and RedBlues pages have just appeared in the Stats making up the balance. The Dhorn page is doing well at generating requests - as its meant to - around 8 or 9 requests for every visit and has overtaken the Robbie Williams page in the request generator rankings.

Besides Home and Derek's page, the best page for generating requests is the Musicians Page. At root people relate to people - they find out about the people involved in the site and they want to know more.

The best external URLs are some image search facilities in Google in European languages. Good old Forum.Fok.nl seems to have had another burst although it is third in the blog stakes to Livejournal and the amazing


Its great to get business from this stylish Portuguese blogsite. Here's a new livejournal referrer:


which looks pretty good to me.

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