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2014-01-09 - 1:07 p.m.

A video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

Another video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

On the upper widget there is a new tune - Entwined again with Carmen in the country . The new Tumblr blog is on this URL and it has several new pieces posted in the last couple of days.


I have started work on the next article. I am tring out Music Xray which seems to be an alternative to Taxi without the big upfront fee. It is easy to upload tunes into Mx and the first thing is a free software search which tries to match your tune with successful tunes. About 45% of our tunes have passed this test. To take the tune further you have to pay $10 for an expert evaluation. I have bought two of these so far - one was evaluated at 2 star and one as 3 star. I have submitted another tune to this process but havent got the results yet. I am waiting for a 4 star rating - then I will pay the money for a submission.

On Tuesday we went to Stop Look and Listen at the Finsbury. I used my new Nikon to take some black and white pix of Zoe K and Shallow and the Wolf. Tonight SJ is playing in Bethnal Green.