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2014-01-02 - 9:49 a.m.

A video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

Another video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

We are at 63 on the RN National Classical Chart and 23 on the London one. On the upper widget there is a new tune - Tubby Juliette and Pepys. The new Tumblr blog is on this URL and it has several new pieces posted in the last couple of days.


New Year's Eve party was great fun and the games all went well. My team won the animals in book titles game and the prize was a card game for promoting discussion. Sarah won my backwards carols game and seemed to like her prize kindly provided by Andrea. I stayed over and had a slow breakfast with Sarah, Claire and Geoffery. Miranda is getting into publishing. I talked to Geoffery about his new Olympus camera.

Sophie J is playing at the Gladstone in Borough on Sunday evening and I have invited Claire, Rob and Wendy

Larry has made some suggestions about how to promote GI-IC music. I have posted some Beyonce on my Tumblr blog - also a great rap piece based on the song Superstar.