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2013-03-15 - 5:29 p.m.

Another video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

I had a chance to look at TT's autobio while I was waiting for MR at St Pancras today. There isnt much about what was going on when EBTG made their two techno albums - not enough to explain what their thinking was lyrically or musically. I will buy the book eventually maybe in paperback. It looks as if is selling well. We ate Italian and talked about M's fall - she was lucky not to be hurt more seriously altho obviously she was hurt quite badly.

I have been speeding ahead reading Galen Strawson's book on Selves. I bought it in the Economist bookshop yesterday while I was burning off some time before I met Rob in The Bank pub on Fleet St.I can see that I can make quite a lot of the material in this work. Rob and I talked about how the business is going and the coming wedding.

The GS is the 2nd large volume I have bought this week. When I was at the Barbican I bought Silvermann's bio of John Cage on Wednesday. It could say more about what happened between Schoenberg and Cage but it has some useful stuff on Cage's reaction to La Monte Young. It also goes well beyond the BBC4 programme in explaining the relationship between Boulez and Cage. I would like to know more about the relationship with Stefan Wolpe not least because I have some of his piano music on my BB.

The Cage, Johns, Merce, Rausch and Duchamp exhibition at the Barbican is excellent. Some very good Johns pieces which I have only seen before in books. Also some famous Rausch works like the white paintings and the tyre painting.

Music plays and this includes Duchamp's song from 1913 which sounds fine. I have been very active this week - my most active week this year.

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