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2013-03-10 - 11:17 a.m.

Another video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

Enjoying Algorithm 1413 is new.

Yesterday I met PB at Victoria at midday and we luched at Wetherspoons before catching a train to Thornton Heath. There were Leeds United fans on the train who were very exuberant. We joined the crowds surging towards the Crystal Palace Ground.

Our seats were in the longer stand near the limit of the goal area. Many of the fans around us were about our age. The last time I was at a proper match was around 1972 at Ipswich who were playing Aresenal and we were behind the goal. Both CP and LUFC wanted points from this game to support for promotion aspirations. The match unfolded dramatically - during the first half CP scored but then LUFC equalised and went into the lead quite early in the second half. CP equalised pretty near the end of the match.

I have been listening to the Marine girls and also a new J Farrell album - Penny Arcade which has Steve Gadd on drums, Hhancock on piano and Joe Beck on guitar. It dates from 1973 and is very much a step in the direction of standard jazz rock. JF's tenor playing is noticeably less chromatic. I still think that Moon Germs is the best album from this period.

I have also been listening to the London Sinfonietta play Brecht-Weill. Although the recording was made in the 90s it is extremely clear. The music still sounds very modern. I am quite tired after yesterday's jaunt but from Tuesday through to the weekend I have a very social week coming up. Last night's BBC4 was fun with Spiral 4, Blondies and then NYC rock n roll. It was especially good to see Television do Foxhole - a clip I had not seen before - with excellent drumming. T Verlaine seemed to be using a Fender Jazz.

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