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2013-03-08 - 7:49 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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Horsemeat Enthusiasm and 6 Fairway Optimists are new pieces on the Widget.

Today I left early by my standards to get to a Nesta event which started at 11am - which I did. On the way there I listened to two of the three Joe Farrell albums which I have on the BB. In particular I am minded to compare and contrast Outback and Return to Forever, the first ECM album. RtF is a step in a popular direction - it includes some vocals and maybe the pieces are slightly less complex. Outback has multi-tracked flutes and piccolos on the first track and it has both Elvin Jones and Airto in the percussion department. Sooner or later I will get the Miles bootleg which is pretty much in the lineage - from Miles in the Sky through to the crowd pleasing jazzrock bands of the mid 70s. Joe Farrell's flute playing makes me feel nostalgic about the instrument particularly the way he uses the third octave.

A programme about John Adams is about to start on BBC4 - I am still not sure what I think about him these days. I thought some of his contributions to the TRiN BBC4 programme were a bit crusty.

The Marine Girls album has arrived - its another kind of nostalgia.

I tweeted a fair amount from the Nesta event on energy innovation. It was worth the effort to get there although I didnt talk to anyone. Most of the people there knew a great deal more about frugal innovation in energy distribution and supply.

I stopped off for a pint in the first pub in Fleet Street,

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