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2013-03-06 - 9:49 a.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

Our other Reverbnation Page

Tracey Thorn is doing her book on R4 this week and its good fun. There are four new pieces on the Widget. Signlanguage Academy, Indisposed, 24 Cod XXXX and Two Savant Chimes.

I tried to go to the London Sinfonietta at RFH last night but it was sold out. Luckily it was broadcast on R3 and I caught most of it including the Radiohead premier. There were two other recent pieces that I hadnt heard. I didnt mind just taking it in via the headphones. The double 6tet and the double 5tet are there on Youtube

Twitter has disappeared from the BB and so I am using it on the laptop. It is one of my main work related activities this week. I am still waiting for something from the Commission. There is something at NESTA on Friday. We are doing well for fans on RN. I am wondering about buying some advertising. Larry has just sent a second draft.

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