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2013-02-26 - 4:02 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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Secretarial Four, Ghoul Branches and Bandslam Two are new on the Widget. A is back from Nancy not Nantes, my mistake.

Larry has mailed his chapter which has helped get me going on my SW contribution so that I am up to 2000 words. My guess is that I need about twice that length. I am slowly getting to grips with Gracyk's theory which is quite intricate. The D Pears book on LW arrived today and looks very promising.The study is in two parts and this first part is about the Tractatus but it discusses the T model with a view to how it developed in the later philosophy.

I mailed Lawrence about Unger who was featured on R4's Analysis. He heard the same programme and didnt know anything before the man. He seems to have developed views on a very wide range of topics. I have fixed a topic for my next article which is very much in my current area of interest. I have also sent off an invoice to the Commission. Sue has signalled from darkest Sussex that she is fed up with the bleak midwinter.

I am off to hear the London Sinfonietta tonite in the Purcell Room.

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