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2013-02-24 - 5:18 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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I have slept a lot in the last 24hrs - not sure why. R6 is excellent on Sunday afternoons - a wide ranging soul programme and then John Cooper Clark picking gems like the Anthony Newley version of Goldfinger. He co-wrote the lyrics.He also played the Jet Harris version of the Theme from the Man with the Golden Arm which sounded fantastic - I wonder who produced it? I have ordered a copy of The Corridors of Power by CPS - a second hand copy costing 1p plus 2.80 postage.

I liked the BBC4 programme on Swing music. What I missed was a discussion of the way that the swing rhythm developed from Fletcher Henderson in the late 1920s right through to Robbie Williams hit album. There s no way that you could call these two identical and in fact similar is pushing it a bit. I bought a book om Louis Armstrong's small group recordings circa 1926 but I dont know anything about what he went on to do with Fletcher Henderson.

There s another topic in the swing thing that interests me which is emergence of the revivalist movement in the early 1940s. I think they intended that their music should be anti-swing. I am not at all clear about the link between revivalism in the UK and the US. Its interesting that their revival involved going back around 20 years. Imagine the equivalent of going back to a style current around 1990 - well I do that all the time. Neneh Cherry is just one example.

Today I found a new set of chords within my new scale - they are a species of minor chord. I have had to refocus my habit of creating space on RN by fusing two or more tracks together. I have run out of one kind of track and have had to go back to material which is about a year old. There are two new tracks on the Widget - Interview and Red Feather Stew but everything you can see is only a few days old and I would welcome listeners for them all.

Larry has been talking about his work on Blake for SW.

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