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2013-02-22 - 11:55 a.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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The Veronica Falls 1st album has arrived. It s an artful music conception. Some people find a Mamas and Papas vocal influence with the contrasting boy girl harmonies. I have been trying without success to see what guitar/amp combination they use to get a jangly surfing sound. The songs are short and pithy and everyone agrees that they are well constructed. The lyric side is famously dark. I have booked for next Tuesday's Minimalismfest in the Purcell Room with the London Sinfonietta. They have dropped LmY from the program unfortunately but they have added early Glass which is the period I like.

By way of contrast I went to hear some Schubert and Schuman yesterday at Songs in the City. My first visit this years. The Schubert is D965 written months before his death for pno clarinet and soprano and is a major piece of work pushing the concept of a song into something more substantial. The Schumann was Op 74 - the Spanish Songset. I am not usually a fan but here also the structural ambition was very engaging.

After the recital I went across Bishopsgate to the Bull and ordered a cheese sandwich only to find that they have abandoned sandwiches. I had an excellent risotto instead. A has gone to Nantes to look at the Art Nouveau.

There are 4 new tunes at the top of the Widget - Retailers, College, Assignment Doubling and Polar Counters.

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