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2013-02-13 - 5:30 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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I finished an article today on the civil nuclear supply chain. That always cheers me up. Yesterday I went for a meeting on the new project in Sanctuary Bdgs in SW1. It was a good meeting but it took me back to the old days in the DTI. Afterwards I had a glass of Merlot in the Westminster Arms. As I walked the back streets of SW1 someone on a bike shouted a greeting at my hat.

Today I switched from radio 4 to radio 6 with the result that I have bought two albums. The first is the debut of Veronica Falls. The second is Twin Sister which I found by listening to VF radio on Spotify. I wondered if the GI-IC style is related to maths rock. Barber Deal and Transform are new on the Widget.

VF are indie in inverted commas and hark back to the songwriting of the 80s and early 90s. Some people link them to dream pop which would explain why they appeal to me. I have to say that the classic dream pop of the three Mazzy Star albums sound better and better to me.VF are perhaps bleaker than MS with their lyrics but less so in their arrangements.

Twin Sister are sometimes compared to Portishead. They live on Long Island which is another plus point from my point of view. They are lighter than VF.

Geoffery has mailed about the passing of Tony Burns the tenor player. He was a frequent member of the White Hart jamming band. His style was very light with a tone rather like Stan Getz. His lines tended to fall between bebop and swing but be none the worse for that. He is the third member of that band to pass - after Steve and Nick S-B. I have to work out how to get to Enfield Crematorium.

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