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2013-02-11 - 6:32 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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I missed the death of John Tchicai last year. It isnt that long since Rob and I saw him at Cafe Oto. I bought a 4tet album with him on around 1965 and I still have it. Famously he played with both John Lennon and John Coltrane. Happsnappy Bishopsgate and Ability are new on the Widget. I have got a new contract I learned today.

I went to Brill on Saturday morning and met P at the coach station after which we set off for Thame. I bought some new glasses and asked the gtr shop whether they might be interested in my Tele. They had a very attractive 1964 Duosonic at a very reasonable price.

B is recovering well from her cateract operation. Saturday evening we went to a party in the Village Hall which featured a roast pig. There was folk dancing with a caller and an accordion and fiddle band but none of us danced.

The snow arrived yesterday. P+B have a new dog - Sedge - who is about 18 months old and a collie cross. He is pretty good fun. This morning I was in charge of Sedge for a couple of hours this morning. We both seemed to do alright. Paul has been given Joan Armatrading's Blues album. It is pretty impressive - she plays everything except the drums.

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