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2013-01-12 - 12:47 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC piece

I learned a bit of html to make the link to Didier's new video. I cant remember the name of the piece that Didier used - I think it must be from the other page.

Our other Reverbnation Page

This other page is unreasonably neglected. In the past month I have put a couple of completely new pieces on this page but it doesnt seem to have done much for visits.

My cold is at last disappearing but my diary for the rest of January is pretty sparse. I think I will probably go to a piano recital on Sunday week with Berg's Piano Sonata and the 3 & 6 Schoenberg pieces.On 24 Jan there are songs by Mahler & Berg and Schoenberg's 2nd SQ with soprano. There is also a concert at the RFH which has some Webern programmed on 29 Jan.

Radio 3 Jazz Record Requests played a vocal version of On Green Dolphin St - a tune I have in my guitar solo repertoire - Billy Eckstein sounding very suave. There is a new M Davis bootleg to be released early in Feb which features a 5tet with Hhancock W Shorter & D Holland. I dont think this band has been released before.

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