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2012-12-14 - 3:35 p.m.

With so many tracks from Gilbert at the weekend more and more new pieces appear on the Widget. At least the first five are new since the last posting. In those five are some which explore new styles for us.

Wednesday and Thursday were mostly given over to stuff with the UKCES. First of all I submitted a bid for a chunk of work in March next year. Yesterday there was a briefing in Grosvenor Gardens which I rather enjoyed. I posted my association with the Commission on Linkedin and got a couple of nice messages.

I have been invited to Cleo's with Paul and Bette two weeks today and that dovetails with seeing Jonathan the day after in Victoria - a pleasant burst of seasonal sociability.

Lots of Bartok on R3 this week including the Miraculous Mandarin, the 2nd Piano Concerto and the music for Percussion, Celesta etc.

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