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2012-12-11 - 8:53 p.m.

With Gilbert having provided a lot of new tracks on Sunday, the top four tunes - Affective, Neurotic, Flagway and Absence - are from that batch. I have been putting off writing something for a couple of days but this afternoon I got a first draft down.

This afternoon the Zombies were on masterclass talking about the album they did just before they broke up in 1968. It sounded pretty good and I went fishing around in some of the singles that they issued after She s not There and before that album. They still sound pretty good. CBR was on the 2nd part of MC last night and I caught about half of that. It confirmed my impression that the simple performed treatment of The Sea sounds way better than the CD. I ought to listen to the CD and work out what I dont like about it.

I came across Gilbert's album with Bruce Arnold which sounds great - very meditative and I started to find out more about BA. He has done several albums which jazz classic works by Webern, Schoenberg and Messaien. I am particularly tempted by the Webern one and also by his book on set based improvisation.

Tonight on R3 there is a performance of the sonata Prokoviev wrote for flute but which has become his 2nd violin sonata. Recent listening had confirmed my idea that I am not crazy about P but this sonata sounded quite good.

Richard C posted a solo gtr performance of Nardis (M Davis). I went looking for the leadsheet and downloaded an album with Nardis and some other great tracks like Seven Steps to Heaven, Milestones and Blue in Green. That should keep me busy. Miles never recorded Nardis it seems.

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