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2012-12-09 - 9:33 p.m.

Ash, Nautilus, Bon and Senate are new on the Widget.

Not much activity since Wednesday except I did some new ambient tracks for Andrew K. I watched one of the Killing 3 episodes last night. Today I went to the Pizza Express in Dean St and met Pete at 12.30pm. He had booked us into the jazzclub downstairs.

Antonio Forcione had 3 musicians with him - a stunning Brazilian rhythm section and West African/UK cellist who blended extremely well. AF played both spanish and steel string gtrs. He has his own mixer plus a set of effects on the floor. Yesterday I recorded my electroacoustic directly into the Zoom and so I was very interesting in the tone that AF got from his spanish - rounder than mine. It was a pretty good way to spend part of a Sunday afternoon. After the show Pete showed me Ivor Maraintz shop which I have never visited. Just up the road is the shop where he has recently bought a mandolin.

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