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2012-12-05 - 10:17 a.m.

Partnering Passion and Hidden are all new. The article on Frugal has been going well with some positive feedback. I have started to think about the next one - on aerospace.

Yesterday I bought Saucy Monky's new single from their site. They are offering their music on the basis that you decide how much to pay. I paid 4$ for three tracks which is probably highside. Their site has a lot of stuff on it about how the three tracks came to be written. They are much more explicitly lesbian now.

On Monday I went to the Crowdfunding seminar at Nesta which was a good follow up to my interaction with Seedrs.The CEO from Seedrs was there and I had a chat with him. They are the first equity-based Cf site and in the US the model isnt yet legal. I discovered that there are Cf sites which do loans. Some of these are peer to peer but I am mainly interested in loans to business. I have just joined the Rebuilding Society but I am not yet sure that they are the right site for me. Nesta have also just brought out a study on e-learning which looks potentially very useful. I stopped off at a pub I like in the Strand after the Nesta event.

During a social bit of the Nesta event I got talking to an intern who has just graduated in English and the Philosophy of Art. She told me her bf works for a label called R&S which I looked up later. I discovered that on their roster are some of the Belville pioneers like Model 500. Andrew K has asked for another ambient track - with a nature theme.

There was a live concert of BBritten on R3 last night. I thought the string arrangement of Lachrymae sounded great. I must have the earlier pno and viola one somewhere.

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