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2012-12-01 - 6:03 p.m.

We are about to embark on some new pieces I think.

On Thurday evening I went to a Seedrs event in a private club just off the Strand. It was good fun meeting other potential investors and listening to the start-up pitches. I will certainly go to another one if I get the chance.

Last night I had a Beth Orton review. She has a strange career and maybe hasnt yet reached her true potential. I wondered whether she is developing her vocal style after J Martyn. Her cover of Go Down Easy is good.

I published an article on Frugal on Friday. This already looks as if it has been a good move.

Today the companion to Ravel arrived. I ordered this in the wake of hearing Soupir at St Botolphs last week. It seems that he remains a puzzle. I am not the only one to study a Ravel score with the aim of working out exactly how he achieves his effects. I have unearthed his violin and cello sonata from the early 1920s which is a delight.

The week after next is getting quite busy. Sunday I am seeing Forcionne at the Pizza Express. I will be going to Bham on the Monday. Tuesday there is a lecture and reception at IET and Thursday a briefing with UKCES.

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