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2012-11-27 - 9:30 p.m.

All seven tunes visible on the Widget are new since the last diary entry. That entry was made on St Cecilia's Day I now know. Last night on R3 there was a performance of St C's day music by the BBC Singers. Cathy B was singing with them and it sounded extremely good. St C was a Roman martyr but it wasnt for about 1000 years until she became strongly linked to musical expression.

I went to Brill on Saturday and we all went to Birmingham to hear CB sing some solos in Bach's Mass in Bm. There was a famous chorus with a great history and a baroque orchestra. It seems that the Bm Mass is one of the great works in the whole history of music. It is very demanding and I reluctantly concluded that the piece was a bit beyond the capabilities of the assembly. There were some excellent moments eg with the baroque horn solo flowing smoothly from what looked liked an impossible instrument.

Sunday and Monday I have been very lazy although I came back from Brill on Monday. Today I went to Sanctuary Bdgs for an interview about a possible project on my new contract. It was quite good fun.

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