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2012-11-20 - 12:58 p.m.

Try Treated, Fuel, Browser and Sombre Samba - they are all very recent and distinctive.

Today R4 ran a 30min documentary on J C Frank. I caught the last 15 mins and they were excellent. Just waiting for it to come up on the i-player.

I havent been out much since Thursday but yesterday I did manage to get some more Polish beer. I will certainly go the Debussy recital this week. I have decided to go to Brill at the weekend for a trip to Birmingham to hear Cathy sing Bach's B minor Mass.

A couple of meetings on the new contract have appeared including one next Tuesday. I have also decided to go to a Seedrs event to meet some entrepreneurs. I may be going to hear Foccione as well.

Last night on R3 there was a concert devoted to ecstacy. It started with quite an early post minimalist piece followed by the orchestral version of Verklarte Nacht. I picked up the thought that one of the reasons that conservative critics objected to VN was its use of inverted ninth chords. I have been using these chords but havent thought of them in those specific terms. There were some M Nyman settings of some saucy Italian Renaissance Sonnets. I peeled away from the last few songs to watch the film on Hitler's charisma.

I have VN on my BB and should give it more attention.

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