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2012-11-16 - 11:41 a.m.

Please listen to Wazza, Fuel and Vitality. Honestly they are quite all right.

On Wednesday I went to a rock venue at Elephant and Castle to hear Doug Richards, once on Dragons Den, to talk about financing small businesses. I stayed for a couple of hours and learned a lot, for example about Seedrs which allows you to take equity in startups online. I have joined but have yet to see any businesses offering a credible business idea.

Yesterday it was another Song in the City about Debussy's engagement in art. If anything it was even better than the first. The letters linked to the songs and supported the idea that Debussy was symbolist as much as he was an impressionist. Some of the songs were much longer than the first recital. J showed up in the company of Sara who is an actress from LA on her way back to her home in Berlin. We went and had a coffee afterwards in Spitalfields market.I had a haircut first thing. This meant I missed most of In Our Time about Simone Weil but I downloaded it in the evening. I tried to understand SW about 10 years ago and I cant say I managed it. The IoT explanation was helpful - interesting that she influenced Rowan Williams and Iris Murdoch. I sent the download to Lawrence.

TT's Tinsel and Lights arrived and I loaded into on the BB. There is a short promotional vid on how it was made.

Do try Wazza Fuel or Vitality or even better all three.

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