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2012-10-29 - 7:36 p.m.

Piggy is a new tune - also Lyme, Clasp and Dublin. The other three at the top of the Widget are taken out of the vaults.

Bette has mailed with details of Cathy's recital on Remembrance Sunday in Orpington. I have sent these to S&G. There will be solo piano and songs by Ivor Gurney. His reputation as a poet now seems to be greater than his reputation as a composer. His biography is sad, especially how he was locked away for the last decade of his life.

I have joined the R3 jazz newsletter and the first arrived today about David S Ware who has just died. I looked up his album Live in the World on Spotify. Susie Ibarra plays drums on some tracks. I have seen her live in Birmingham with the Dave Douglas Trio. LitW is quartet music and comes with the highest recommendations. It is seen by some to be a direct descendant of the classic Trane 4tet. This is a hard accolade to live up to but so far I can say that it matches this billing.

I have written 1000 words today about railway investment. Susie I's website shows her to be amazing prolific.

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