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2012-10-24 - 8:24 p.m.

There are two new tunes at the top of the Widget here plus one neglected tune from the vaults - Proper. Gilbert and Scott are performing in Bruges tonight.

This week has acquired more shape. Yesterday I went to IPPR at Charing X to discuss clusters. Later I wrote a follow-up em which got a good reply. Also flowing from some communicatioms on Monday is a meeting with Paul in Brill on Friday on a topic that has been selected by my old employer. It transpired today that I would stay over.

I have been trying out some new tunes and slowly working through the tracks that Gilbert sent about 10 days ago. HJA has acquired a Strat.

There was a TV programme last night on BBC4 on the relationship between entropy and information. The problem starts with Maxwell's demon who creates energy from nothing by separating out hot molecules from cold ones in a two chambered box. The programme suggested that Landauer sometime in the 60s had resolved the anomaly by a principle that concerned the energy involved in deleting information. The programme that this idea was now generally accepted by scientists. Following through a few a few Wikipedia articles suggested that the ideas were still under debate.

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