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2012-10-21 - 4:26 p.m.

Dynamic is a new piece. We are just one place outside the RN London Classical Top 50.

Recent days have been unusual. I have made three forays in the last week. Two of these have been to the East End which emerges as much more vibrant than I had ever appreciated.

I got the train to Liverpool St again and walked east towards the big Hawksmoor church in Spitalsfied and then down the the 18C street which runs by the side of it until I got to Brick Lane. Then north to a big gallery which is hosting the Edge of Arabia. I was pretty impressed with the EoA - it is a big project which seems to be very well funded. We were thrown out of the gallery at 6pm and looked around some of the markets. Then it was a very reasonably priced Indian meal.

Finding the Toynbee Studio took a bit of an effort but it emerged eventually.The Cage Songs were a major undertaking. Perhaps 15 people sitting on the stage initially in darkness. I know now that each had prepared their own program for the CS. They delivered their individual performance ignoring whatever else may going on around them.
I eventually spotted Penny H - her singing was extremely good, probably the best of the 15 performers.

Subsequent research shows that the CS date from around 1970 although the atmosphere of the piece seemed to be rooted in the 1950s, the time when the concept of a happening was first formulated.

I went and spoke to Penny after the show. She had a stall selling Cage scores and some Cage tee shirts. She seemed pleased that we had turned up. I bought a copy of Cheap Imitation. This also dates from 1970 and was the last piece that Cage performed after he was afflicted by arthritis. It is a single line which is 35 min long approx. This piece's imitation is a piece by Satie.

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