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2012-10-19 - 6:30 p.m.

Bedridden is a brand new piece. We are currently hovering outside the top 50 on the RN London Classical Chart.

Yesterday I met up with Bette at St Botolphs near Liverpool St to hear a lieder recital in the Songs in the City series. Cathy was singing four songs along with three friends all on the theme of Stars. It was an excellent hour and I am told the standard of performance was very high. On 8 November is the first of three lieder recitals on Debussy - an absolute must for me.

After the recital the 3 of us went off for lunch - trying first of all a posh restaurant on the 14th floor of the big new block opposite St B's but decided against it. The lift ride was hair raising. We found a good pub round the corner.

I set off to meet Rob in the pub opposite the ROH at 3.30pm. Lots to talk about including his experience with Brocken Spectres earlier in the week on Snowdon. He and Lucy went up on the Pyg Track. Then we set off to the South Bank to meet Wendy for supper. R+W had book into the National Theatre that evening and after we had walked there I went into RFH for another drink. Downstairs in Foyles I bought the Phaidon bio of Debussy. Quite recent and a very decent price.

On the Debussy front I have just completed a cutdown of the first piece in the Childrens' Corner Suite. Gilbert has OKed the piece I sent him earlier which drew on the 2nd mvmt of Pour Le Piano.

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