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2012-10-01 - 4:11 p.m.

Special and Parade are new - from the clutch of tracks that Gilbert sent a week ago. I have been experimenting with DI-ing the DH straight into the Zoom and I sent Gilbert a couple of tracks today made that way.

I always like a new way of looking at the RN plays - we have just passed 3000 on RN2 by the way. I realised that you could get tunes in date order with the number of plays for each - I grouped them into sets of ten. The highest set of ten has 151 plays but it is not the earliest which scores just 134. The pieces which have scored more than 15 plays are mostly in the first half of the order but there are a couple of recent tracks which have been played a lot.

I did a remix of the oldest song on the list - an electro-jazz piece with some Inara George. I could easily spend a lot of time doing that.

I have found that the first Mazzy Star album is good lullabye music. I enjoyed the Fleetwood Mac programme on BBC4 - it showed Stevie Nicks in a very good light I thought.

I am listening to the new B Orton album which comes with very good reviews which mostly mention ND. In fact there is a very good setting of Blake's poem The Poison Tree. Brian Blades who plays with Miss M is the drummer on the album playing a very rare vintage 60s kit. One reviewer suggests that another ND-like aspect is an appeal to the natural world in the face of existential doubt. Talking of doubt and existence there was a very good Melvin Barg chatshow on the Ontological Argument

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