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2012-09-27 - 8:56 p.m.

There are no new tunes this time as we are still working on perfecting the tracks we have selected for the Spaceward album. We are gradually getting there. I have started to work on the tracks Gilbert sent last Sunday and have made two pieces. Inevitably going back over our previous work has an impact on the way I address the current tunes.

Paul W sent a demo from a song cycle he is working on today. I sent back some comments and fwded the track to Gilbert.

The Tuesday morning event was well worth getting up early for. I bought the book on Jugaad and started to work on it today on the train. There was an e-m today from someone at Hamburg U that I met at the event.

Today I had been invited to a book launch but chose instead to go to a Barratts event at Canary Wharf. I may well have done better at the launch.

Work continues on the recruitment questionnaire. Paul is back from Europe and invited me to Brill next week.

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