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2012-09-24 - 4:01 p.m.

The last two tunes from the tracks that Gilbert sent Sunday week are at the top of the Widget. Our current priority is finding the tracks for the Spaceward project. We seem to be doing OK. There are some periods where we both think what on earth were we thinking of to make music like that?

For some reason I looked at the Laura Nyro entry on Spotify. I listened to some of Mother Spiritual and looked up the guitarist - John Bristow. He has a page on Linkedin which includes a website link to some tracks on Myspace which I havent heard before. They are not quite studio quality but they are wonderful nonetheless and all the better for not having heard them before. I mailed the link to Paul W who was quite as taken with them as I.

I was going to go to a meeting about operational excellence but the weather put me off. I did manage to get to the Polish shop for some more beer though. There's a meeting early on Tuesday morning that I am definitely going to.

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