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2012-09-09 - 10:10 a.m.

Three days of two tunes a day means there are six new pieces at the top of the Widget - Hitch, Hitched, Track, Temple, Strawberry Teo and Fowler. We are hovering at 51 in the RN London Classical Chart.

I watched the BBC4 broadcast of Bernstein's Mass which was pretty impressive in terms of marshalling massive resources in performance with some staging.

Yesterday I went to see Alex Zane recording a Ch5 TV programme at the old BBC TV Centre in White City. The programme was a kind of candid camera for 20-somethings and fairly rude. The audience had to produce ecstatic clapping for the return after the break. I was surprised at how much of the programme was scripted and how much equipment was suspended from the ceiling. The TV Centre is close to the Westfield shopping centre and only 3 stations up the Metropolitan Line from Hammersmith.

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