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2012-09-06 - 4:03 p.m.

Two new pieces here - Steampunk and Toil. Steampunk is the name of a synth patch but I am not sure I used it in this piece. I heard a radio programme recently on the Steampunk movement which was news to me although once I heard about their approach it was easy enough to understand. I have been working on a seven note scale based on the whole tone scale.

I caught the latter part of Debussy's St Sebastien music on R3 this afternoon on a repeated Prom. They were playing the whole thing - the first time that has been done at the Proms. It is from 1911 - I hadnt realised that it was so late in his career.

The end of the big project has crept up on me and may just about be here. I did a 350 word article on another topic this morning and I have to expand that to double the size. There is also some marketing work that I have said I will complete this weekend.

I read today that London may take half its name from the Scottish word Dun which means a fortified homestead. I wonder if that s true ? I had heard that the origin of the name is a mystery.

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