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2012-08-30 - 10:59 p.m.

Two new tunes at the top of the Widget - Nicola and Weaker. Gilbert and I rather like the last four pieces.

Most of today my laptop has been blighted by a virus but luckily I managed to recover the system around 10pm. Today I worked on the big project.

I heard the Prom tonight with the Berlin Phil - a great programme. Ligeti from 1961 sounding fantastic, the Lohengrin overture and then Sibelius' 4th Symphony from 1911. The 2nd half was Jeux and then the 2nd suite from Ravel's Daphnis + Chloe. So there was a cluster of pieces rom 1910-13. DnC is thought by some to be Ravel's greatest orchestral work.

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