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2012-08-24 - 3:12 p.m.

Three new pieces. Extension is from today. Then there is another piece using Stephen Cowles' sax line, an AK drone and chromatic percussion from Gilbert. Dominator is the name of an old WEM amplifier and is slightly spooky until the Dhorn comes in. I recorded some more Moek alto recorder yesterday.Medium reverb certainly irons out the indifferent tone in some parts of the register.

The pace on my main paid-project has heated up and so far I have put nearly one and a half days in. I will probably double that over the coming weekend even though there is a business meeting on the other project in Rotherhithe tomorrow morning.

I have been listening to Roisin Murphy especially the live EP. The studio versions of her tunes remind me a bit of the Eurhythmics. Deezer has some good artist-stations on offer eg RL Jones.

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