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2012-08-01 - 10:32 p.m.

Four new tunes - Golf, Jaguar, China and Diamond. Gilbert has gone down to Dunkirk for some holiday but before he left he sent 6 or 7 tracks. Unfortunately my old employer has blocked that e-m address and so I cant get at them. I will ask Gilbert to resend to my yahoo address when he gets back.

Yesterday I met S for lunch at an Indian restaurant in Lisson Grove - new territory to me. The restaurant is said to be John Major's favourite and I could see why in terms of the value for money of the lunch we had.

Today I took the 111 bus to Hampton station where I met Rob and we walked towards Hampton Court. By the time we were on the bridge the best view sites had been taken and so we didnt do well at the start of the women's time trials. We walked towards Kingston and just past the entrance to Bushey Park we started to photograph the women cyclists about 300m from the finish.

Then we moved into Bushey Park and found a space on the road round the Diana Fountain. The men time trialers about 800m from the finish flashed past. I got a few in frame and Rob got more. We could also see them as they rounded the fountain. Then we walked through the park to Teddington and celebrated Wiggins victory with several pints.

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