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2012-07-30 - 12:38 a.m.

Three new pieces to try Upset, Mexico and Hybrid. I am listening to the BBC4 program on Thin Lizzy during its glorious Robertson and Gorham lead gtr phase. Perhaps there is some trace of influence in these pieces - all the way from 1976.

AK mailed today with a new Otherworld commission. I set off at 10.00am and on the way decided to go via Victoria rather than London Bridge. I realised I had left my headphones at home so I went into HMV and got a pair of small Sennheisers for a very reasonable 9. They are very efficient and very clear. I suppose the clarity will wear off but it wont kill me to buy another pair. I listened to En Blanc et Noir and discovered new levels within it.

G met me at Orpington and we drove back to the house which I hadnt seen before. The other guests soon turned up. It was too wet to picnic in the garden so we ate it in the sitting room with large glass doors onto a long feature with parallel floral borders. Eventually it was dry enough for us to walk round the grounds and look at the 1960 MF tractor - in surprisingly good condition.

I got the train back to Charing X - no obvious Olympic hassle. The new fones will change the way I monitor and mix. I have a new 8 note scale on the latest piece.

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